[2011] Gareth Davies & Machinefabriek - Grower

Gareth Davis teamed up with Machinefabriek (both originary from Netherlands) again after last year's release, Drape, to further expand on the subtle ambient created by Machinefabriek, contributing his eclectic clarinet sound. This album is one of the most interesting ambient albums I've heard, specially due to Davis' contributions, his clarinet has a wide range that goes in par with Machinefabriek's field recording manipulations.

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[2006] Khlyst - Chaos Is My Name

For what it seemed to be a one-off recording (although confirmation is still needed), Khlyst is a twisted reminiscence of Khanate's Things Viral era with a strong free jazz/noise vibe, an absolute portrayal of insanity. Tim Wyskida, James Plotkin and Runhild Gammelsæter, two parts Khanate and one part Thorr's Hammer, are the ones behind this bizarre recording, which touches upon the darkest places of the mind. Wyskida's percussion really adds up a lot to the atmosphere, from his arrythmical drumming during every odd song, to his sparse crash and gong on every even song. The same could be said about Plotkin, a veteran in dark ambient and guitar/bass mindfuckery.

Stephen Kasner (Utech Records) did the artwork

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[2003] Neurosis & Jarboe - Neurosis & Jarboe

The closest it'd get for Neurosis to collaborate with Swans (although, who knows?), Neurosis & Jarboe is an unique album among their discography, which focuses on their mainly experimental side that was a result of their Swans influence, aided by Jarboe's famous vocal style. Only until the last song (Seizure) we get to hear Scott and Steve's melancholic grunts, but through most of the album we have Jarboe exerting her full vocal range with shrieks, moans, screams and delirious frenzy, while Neurosis performs their doom/tribal kinda style (heard in some of the songs from A Sun That Never Sets) with plenty of noise and synths experimentation. The only music akin to this album is either one of Jarboe's solo album, or Swans' earlier career, with Jarboe instead of Gira. Absolutely essential material.

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[2003] Sidsel Endresen & Christian Wallumrød & Helge Sten - Merriwinkle

Collaboration between one of the figureheads of the current norwegian jazz scene, Christian Wallumrød (Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, Close Erase), Sidsel Endresen and Helge Sten (Deathprod's real name) in a free improvisation album with no lyrics, no sheets, no prior arrangements, but full of rich melodies and complex, unpredictable changes.Sidsel Endresen does a great job improvising vocals on the spot, making it seem as if she had been reciting, when it was a case of stream of consciousness. Christian and Helge /Deathprod took care of the synths and electronic arrangements respectively, giving the album an spastic feel.

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[2011] Æthenor - En Form For Blå

What was already shaping up on Faking Gold and Murder as a free improv/dark ambient ensemble comes in full force in En Form For Blå, with an added touch of abstraction. O'Malley, Noble, O'Sullivan and Rygg teamed up again in Norway to record this album which heavily hints to the norwegian avant-jazz/experimental scene, which is acknowledged in the linear notes. The guitars and synth improvisation has much more focus than in previous albums, in which it was kept low key to emphasize on the field recordings and vocalizations (in the case of Faking Gold and Murder).

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