[2006] Machinefabriek - Marijn

Debut album of Rutger Zuydervelt's (experimental musician from Netherlands) solo project, which has released under this monicker countless of EP's, and a sizeable amount of collaborations and splits with other artists. Most of his works (including this one) make an extensive use of field recordings manipulation, creating a particular aura that could be described as a "sonic film". Firmly rooted into ambient and drone music, his works are mostly comprised of seemingly natural sounds laced with harsh electronic bursts.

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[2008] Gunslingers - No More Invention

Formed by one of the members of the krautrock band Aluk Todolo, Antoine Hadjioannou (drums), Gunslingers is an insane mix of psychedelic madness with the careless attitude of post-punk, which resembles in some ways the krautrock movement but retaining a garage/DIY aesthetic. At a first listen it reminds a lot of Aluk Todolo's Obedience, the same fast drumming along with the wall of guitars strolling around, but in this case vocals play an important role in the upbeat tone of this album. All in all a noteworthy debut, full of catchy songs and trippy vocals.

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[2002] Food - Veggie

This is the third album of another one of the many bands Arve Henriksen (Supersilent, Christian Wallumrød Ensemble) is part of. Food combines jazz with electronic elements, and the same way lots of bands from the norwegian scene, this is a true display of talent. The reason why I decided to review and post Veggie (their third album) instead of their debut was because of the motifs present in this one (specially in songs like Mushroom, one of my favorites), and thew way the electronic bits intervene with the recurrent improvised sections, which are brought from the background after every brass motif. Excellent group to get started with the norwegian nu-jazz scene.

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[2001] Tactile Gemma - Tactile Gemma

Back when I was younger and I had barely started going to highschool (10 years ago), I became obsessed with the local metal subculture, and considering mine never really had a strong representation of the genre, it was a breath of fresh air to bump into new, exciting bands from other places from time to time. It was back then, however, when I discovered a band completely outside of the metal genre, that marked a before and after in my music appreciation.
Tactile Gemma was featured on several metal magazines back then as a side-project of the vocalists from The 3rd and The Mortal and Atrox, and it was sort of expected to offer a similar vibe akin to these bands, that is, gothic/prog metal with weird touches here and there. Like many of us back then, I was wrong. Tactile Gemma is one of the most unique, weirdest bands I've encountered, and while it could be classified within darkwave/trip-hop, Ann-Marie and Monika Edvarsen's vocals were way too out there, shrieking and screaming in a way only singers in the vein of Diamanda Galás and Catherine Jauniaux are capable of doing.

The band released only one album, which I learned about through the name of Psychedelic Heavenly Voices. Nowadays is simply known as Tactile Gemma, and it has remained on hold since then. This is truly hypnotic music, which shows how talented these musicians were. Season of Mist took pride on the fact that they released this album even though they're "strictly a death/black metal label". I don't see what's the big deal about that to be honest, but whatever floats their boat.

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[2008] Z'EV vs PITA - Colchester

Another Z'EV collaboration, in this case he teams up with Pita (KTL), which has released plenty of solo albums and collaborations with other musicians of the experimental scene. This is a live recording of a Colchester (England) show from 2006, in which Z'EV focused on the live percussion improvisation while Pita worked on the foggy, sonic atmosphere surrounding the stage. Incredible sounding material.

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[2007] Stephen O'Malley & Z'EV - Magistral

Revolving around some guitar samples recorded back in 2005, Stephen O'Malley and Z'EV created this album using percussion arrangements and sample manipulation over the same 8m42s guitar recording, making it sound completely different to what's expected from the artists involved. Closer to the rumbling, overbearing sonic landscape from KTL, this album is also one of the most "out there" releases ever made by Southern Lord.

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