[2011] The Haxan Cloak - The Haxan Cloak

One of the most interesting Aurora Borealis artists of this year, The Haxan Cloak have released a few live CDr EPs  independently through the years, this s/t being their first LP under a label. The music is composed of classical arrangements, electronically processed via free improvisation and combined with haunting field recordings, creating a very distinctive aura avoiding further descriptions. Another one of these introspective albums that fully reveal themselves after constant listens at high volumes.

Buy it directly from Aurora Borealis here (scroll down).

[2011] Daniel Levin - Inner Landscape

Inner Landscape is Daniel Levin's first solo album, released via Clean Feed as many of his trio/quartet works. Fully improvised, this album is a stripped out display of his cello skills that have been already evident in his ensemble works but in here we get to appreciate them in full form, exploring the wide range of possibilities the stringed instrument has to offer with a dynamic, precise and beautiful delivery.

Buy it directly from Clean Feed here.

[2006] - Panzerpappa - Koralrevens Klagesang

Norwegian avant-prog in the vein of Samla Mammas Manna and Art Zoyd, although in a less dark, instrumental style that differences them from the classic RIO bands. It still follows some of the ideas from the scene while applying its own personal style, which becomes evident from the very first listen. Good material for those looking for rare, modern gems within the avant-prog scene.

Currently unavailable.

[2001] Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget - Low Tide Digitals

This guitar/cello duo from Italy and Switzerland respectively is one of the few non-norwegian artists releasing material via Rune Grammofon, focusing on a series of three albums (so far) ranging from ambient to jazz, with a very minimalist approach to their music. This is their first one released back in 2001, very minimal and low key, setting the roots for their next releases.

Buy it directly from Rune Grammofon here.

[2011] Gregg Kowalsky - Battery Townsley

Recorded inside the WWII bunker that gives this release its name, using a similar method for his Tape Chants, in which he locates cassette players across a room creating stacked, ever-evolving loops with the output. One of the most interesting drone releases of this year from the ones I've seen.

Buy it directly from Kowalsky's Bigcartel site here.

[2011] Fire! with Jim O'Rourke - Unreleased?

After two years of their first album, Fire! teams up with Jim O'Rourke to release the follow-up, 4 new tracks pushing forward the abrasive, repetitive style of the trio with his piercing guitar blasts and clever sound experiments. Intense collaboration, it adds up to another successful Gustafsson-related project in which O'Rourke collaborates, and already in constant rotation for me. Thoroughly recommended.

Buy it directly from Rune Grammofon here.