[2010] Ultralyd - Inertiadrome

Latest (and among the best) release of Ultralyd, this time they went for a catchier take on their style, and while shorter than their previous albums, it makes for a great album. One of my favorites back in 2010, Inertiadrome has a cheerful tone, with a few hints of krautrock repetitiveness here and there, and definitely a perfect starter for these looking to get into this band.

Download it here: [320][V0]

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[REQUEST] [2000] Circle - Prospekt

One of the most acclaimed Circle albums, its hypnotic heavy motorik (already a trademark of their style) truly shines in a prominent way. 6 somewhat long songs that will carry the listener for a mind trip that will seem endless.

Download it here: [V0]

Currently sold out in Ektro Records.

[2009] Bushman's Revenge - You Lost Me At Hello

Second album of this norwegian trio, formed by one of the members of the jazz fusion band Shining (Even Helte Hermansen) on guitar duties, Rune Nergaard on bass, and Gard Nilssen on drums. They've been described as "Black Sabbath meets Ornette Coleman", and it fits like a glove. Combining the heaviness of doom metal with the complex drumming and jazzy guitar typical of their influences, this album is a perfect display of the unique sound of this band.

Download it here: [192][V0]

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[2010] Free Tallinn Trio - A Tale

A free jazz/improv ensemble gathering three prominent figures of the estonian jazz scene. Performing live in several ocassions in Europe, one of their most remarkable features is Anne-Liis Poll's energetic and highly expressive vocals, which is emphasized by the spastic keyboard and incendiary guitar delivery by Anto Pett and Jaak Sooäär, respectively. The improvisation work in this live album (recorded at  the Moers Festival in Germany, back in 2008) is excellent, exposing the expressive power of the genre.

Download it here: [V0][FLAC Part 1 Part 2]

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