[2011] Whitehorse - Progression

Featuring Rob Mayson from Grey Daturas on drums, the new Whitehorse album is a departure from the live sound that characterizes them to a "cleaner", studio-produced sound, but it doesn't affect their output in the slightest, aside from making the songs less sloppy and well structured. It's a short album so the difference between this and their s/t will be highly noticeable, but it hardly makes an impact on the overall listening experience. Main highlight: Remains Unknown.

Download it here: [320][V0]

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Utech Records Music Festival 2011

This summer in the state of Wisconsin, Utech Records (label whose releases I'm a faithful follower) will hold its first curated festival, in which 11 of their US-based bands and artists will perform a unique show, and some of the best underground music will be showcased. The label is also offering a sample for those not familiar with the bands that will perform (check the link below); so far the names included are the following: James Plotkin, Ural Umbo, Mamiffer, House of Low Culture, Horseback, GOG, Locrian, ITHI and Willian Fowler Collins. If you're in the area, you can't afford to miss this!

This festival is scheduled by June 11 at the Cactus Club, in Milwukee, Wisconsin.

More information about this Festival here.

[2008] Moloch - Moloch

Wild feedback assaults and menacing, dragging riffs not too unlike Eyehategod and Iron Monkey, since their demo, Moloch has proved itself to be one of the finest gems of the british underground. A band that has also toured extensively through the United States with Thou and released a split with them, it begs for a full length release, since this 25min EP and the few splits fall short. One of my big favorite bands of the last 2 years, has nailed down the heavy, relentless sound that good sludge should have.

Download it here: [256][V0]

No direct purchases from the label available yet.

[2007] Smegma - Nattering Naybobs of Negativity

Nattering Naybobs of Negativity is one of the most representative albums (aside from their debut, Glamour Girl 1941) of this band, which has influenced several experimental and improvisational acts during 4 decades, including (but not limited to) projects related to Stapleton in general, and many others with improvisational backgrounds. And indeed, its extensive use of sample manipulation and bizarre free jazz and tape looping predates plenty of artists from back then, without sounding dated or less out there than late, well known projects. In this album the Zappa influence is quite evident, with its cartoonish samples and crazed ramblings with the pervert humor present in Uncle Meat, but instead of delving further into progressive rock, it loses itself in a free jazz craze, which fits the style nicely.

This is a 2007 reissue of the original 1987 release, which includes Morass (cassette), released a year later.

Download it here: [320][V0]

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[2011] Ulver - Wars of The Roses

Practically a month after the short article I wrote about the upcoming Ulver album, I've finally listened to it and arrived to my own conclusions regarding this new album. Unsurprisingly, Wars of The Roses didn't fail to deliver. Placing it one step ahead of their previous effort Shadows of The Sun, most of the expectations raised by the gathered lineup were fulfilled, particularly speaking of Daniel O'Sullivan's keyboards, Steve Noble's drumming in Norwegian Gothic and Stone Angels, and Stian Westerhus' guitar manipulation in more than half of the album.
Those aren't the only highlights of this album, which had a solid vocal work in Providence: aside from Garm's mid falsetto, Siri Stranger complemented the song with her voice (giving the song a soothing tone after the tense mood Garm sets), while Attila Csihar growled in the background near the end. However, my big favorite song is Stone Angels, in which Daniel O'Sullivan recited poetry in a way not too unlike David Tibet with his project Current 93, and made me wonder if one day he'll relieve Garm from the vocals in the band, since he seems to fit the role quite well.

All in all I consider it one of my main choices for a favorite album of the year, and proves that 4 years didn't pass in vain.

Download it here: [V0]

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[2004] Grey Daturas - Dead In The Woods

This is one of the bands I consider one of my main influences to explore and compose music on my own, which could've had a full decade of existence in 2012 if they hadn't disbanded in early 2010. Grey Daturas was an australian collective of improvisers, with influences ranging from Sonic Youth, Black Sabbath, Can and many others, which in turn gave the band an eclectic style. Of course being an improvisational group meant that none of their songs were neither rehearsed nor repeated, and well rooted into the heaviest noise rock with doom metal hints, and even in some cases, drone-doom (in the vein of Earth), as seen in the Yellow Swans collab which was well received by many music critics.
Grey Daturas broke up but it resurfaced shortly as the duo known as Breathing Shrine, with Bonnie Mercer (guitar) and Rob Mayson (drums), and keeping with the heavy live output that made them famous.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Breathing Shrine/Grey Daturas official site here.