[2010] Rose Kemp - Golden Shroud

Rose Kemp was a weird discovery for me. While I'm used to female vocals in doom metal, specially in the way bands like Serpentcult and Blood Ceremony incorporate them, Rose Kemp goes beyond these two bands, with an energetic, gospel-like delivery that instantly becomes the center of attention. It caught me off guard the first time I heard it, the way the vocals emphasize the heaviness of the band while almost bordering cheesy territories (just barely) was just unique. Musically it stays mostly on a traditional doom metal mode, but it goes into folk rock territory in several occasions, not as much as her previous albums though, but it's definitely there. Quite a mix, for those looking for something different in the genre.

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[2009] Supersilent - 9

Back to the extremely low key improvisations, consisting mostly by fiddling with organs. This is definitely another album in the vein of 5 or 6 (specially 5), whose quiet, tense parts are more prominent than those with instrumentation. Dark and brooding, it still manages to retain the style of the band, despite having no percussion at all.

Downloaad it here: [V0][FLAC]

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[1984] K.U.K.L. - The Eye

One of the earliest projects involving Björk, and easily the one that captured the insanity that is often hinted but not fully displayed in her well known solo career. Simply put, not only she was able to shriek, scream and ramble in the way only someone with her vocals would, but she was also in a band that emphasized it, lyrically and conceptually speaking. KUKL (sorcery in icelandic, apparently) is an underrated band that heavily focused into experimental punk and art rock, dabbling at times with the hazy, drugged out akin to psychedelic rock, reverberated and chaotic.

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[2007] Sunburned Circle - The Blaze Game

A very intense, live collaboration between two masters of psychedelic jams, Sunburned Hand of The Man (USA) and Circle (Finland). Together they delivered a long, almost non-stop show full of blissed out solos and slow building patterns, which reminds me of the best improvised moments in Amon Düül II, everything tightly layered,without a single quiet moment.

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