[2008] One Second Riot - One Second Riot

My latest discovery, product of a split with Neptune, this french post-punk/noise-rock band really fits the association with Neptune. Released their debut in 2008, this band imprints a depressive take on the experimental post-punk coming from bands like Swell Maps and This Heat, while adding a heaviness not unlike hardcore. There's a The Cure cover floating around which is one of the best covers I've heard, since the vocalist sounds very similar to Robert Smith, which fits the vibe. Definitely check this out, hopefully you won't regret it.

Download it here: [256][V0]

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Sunn O))) Presents: Aluk Todolo @ Roadburn Festival 2011

It's a shame I probably won't be able to attend, but this looks like a promising show:

If you attend Roadburn 2011, you're in for a treat. This band was a perfect addition to the lineup put together by Sunn O))) for next year's event. Hopefully, 2011 won't suffer the same natural events like the volcano eruption during the first three months of this year, which caused several bands to cancel and some others to spend extra cash on land transportation..

Read more here: http://www.roadburn.com/2010/11/sunn-o-announces-first-bands-for-their-curated-event-at-roadburn-festival-2011-winter-earth-and-scorn-amongst-others/

[2003] Nurse With Wound - Salt Marie Celeste

 An hour-long drone track, apparently commisioned for an exposition, it's also one of Nurse With Wound's more known drone albums. Sounds like a ghst ship aimlessly floating into the ocean, with the occassional wheel turning and creaking. It's perfect to achieve that kind of atmosphere, and definitely not to leave it in the background while doing other stuff, seeing as it can get quite frightening at times.

Download it here: [320]

[1973] Faust - The Faust Tapes (2010 ReR Reissue)

After their s/t, this is essential Faust material, which also has more of the tape manipulation and spoken word bits already present on the s/t and took it somewhere unknown. The standard "krautrock" songs are quickly replaced by weirdness track after track, leaving the listener sometimes completely unaware of what's going on if not enough attention is paid. In my opinion this is material that should be own not only by fans of the genre, but those interested in experimental music in general, seeing as this album set precedents still groundbreaking until our days.

Download it here: [V0] Updated!

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[2006] The Gault - Even As All Before Us

The finest work John Gossard was part of, The Gault is the perfect mixture of the subtle beauty and haunting vocals of Amber Asylum with the fierce riffing and despair-evoking melodies of Weakling, in a musical project that can't be likened with any other within its genre. For those unaware of this band which released only this album before splitting, this music will capture you with its unmatched way to channel complex emotions. Only either Amber Asylum, Jarboe or mid-career Swans would come close to the wave of feelings evoked from the 7 songs contained in this album. A big time favorite, and in my opinion an essential listen for every single one of you with a deep interest in music.

Download it here: [320][V0]

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[2006] Circle - Tyrant

Starting with a psychedelic, repeated section typical of their take on krautrock, it devolves into weirdness, with the punkish vocals, frantic drumming and crazy synths which quickly picks up pace before fading and getting their engines ready for the next song(s). Almost 45min of the best introduction to Circle that I'd recommend for beginners and fans of the genre alike, brought as usual by Latitudes.

Download it here [320][V0]

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[1998] You Fantastic! - Homesickness

Retaining some of the upbeat feeling present in Cheer-Accident, You Fantastic! is a more experimental and sparse take on said math/prog/indie rock band fronted by Thymme Jones. This isn't really a side-project though, it feels more of an experimental "jam band" going at it, snipping and pasting everything they've collected through years of performing in their respective bands (Brise-Glace and Cheer-Accident), and resulting on a very interesting album that borders math-rock, prog-rock, noise, spoken word, field recordings, all over rough 70min. Good for fans of any of these bands and for those interested in crazy, somewhat random pieces of music.

Download it here: [256][320][V0]

Buy it directly from Skin Graft Records here (page 3).

[2006] Nurse With Wound - Shipwreck Radio: Final Broadcasts

And here we have it, the final release of the Shipwreck Radio sessions.Only one CD, three tracks, with the last batch of transmissions from their radio show at Lofoten, consisting of recordings in the island of Utvær. Perfect way to end this series.

Download it here: [320][V0]

[1981] Art Bears - The World As It Is Today

An integral part of what became the Henry Cow legacy, Art Bears stands out as one of the most influential, cult-like bands of the rock in opposition/canterbury movement of the late 70's and beginnings of the 80's. The World As It Is Today, their last album, is agressive, dissonant, and full of politics, expressed not only by the acclaimed vocalist Dagmar Krause (in one of her best performances to date), but the complex and (at some points) seemingly random arrangements, which is in fact well structured and rooted in modern classical archetypes and free improvisation. The song Freedom is already considered a classic, in which the rebellious nature of the band (and their stance against corporations and capitalist systems of their time and the present) is fully displayed. Essential listening material.

Download it here: [320][V0]

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[2010] Kayo Dot - Stained Glass EP

With a more synth-oriented focus on their usual style, Kayo Dot releases this great EP, Stained Glass, which almost seems like an addendum to the song Abyss Hinge 2: The Shrinking Armature, and in that note, the listener already knows what to expect: slow, chilled out notes with sparse guitar solos and low-key vocals in the subtlest way only this band could achieve. Almost 20min of the finest avant-prog rock brought by Kayo Dot.

Download it here: [320][V0]

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[2010] Hasegawa-Shizuo (長谷川静男) - 離俯土 (Lift)

Electro-acoustic improvisation done by one of the most interesting japanese duos focused on noise experimentation, this is one of their best works to date. Using unusual tools for their improvisations (traditional japanese instruments) and looped arrangements, this album is easily one of their best works to date. A single song, going through several loops and sound alterations, turns into a light-headed listen spite of its chaotic content.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Utech Records here.

[2002] Tony Conrad with Faust - Outside The Dream Syndicate: 30th Anniversary Edition

Quintessential Table of Elements release and a classic within the drone scene, Tony Conrad teamed up with Faust to make this interesting album, in which the syncopated drumming of Faust is combined with the slow violin delivery of Tony Conrad. The songs flow seamlessly following an almost natural structure, in total disregard for time and even the listener's patience. In spite of that, this is easily one of the best minimalist drone/krautrock albums I'm aware of, and one of the main reasons I enjoy listening to this album every so often.
This release isn't the original 1973 release, it belongs to the Table of Elements release, which is actually the second re-release (with three live performances) of this album, dubbed as "30th Anniversary Edition".

Download it here: [320: Part 1 Part 2][V0]

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[2004] Nurse With Wound - Lofoten Deadhead

Following the concept of the Shipwreck Radio sessions, this album contains again on the recorded sounds and experiences spent on the island of Utvær. This album contains 3 songs which according to the names, belong to the transmission dates, and opposed to the incessantly gull squeak present in Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun, this album focuses on fishing, water and sea life being the main protagonists. Lots of spoken word parts sections, some of them untreated (and recorded by Stapleton and Potter as they walked by).

Download it here: [320][V0]