[2008] SubRosa - Strega

SubRosa is a a band formed primarily by women playing an interesting blend of stoner doom metal with violins and clean female vocals, reminding me at times of Black Math Horseman, but more fast-paced and fierce, while retaining most of the same peaceful vibe in the vocals. I'm not a fan of the production, but the music sounds alright, this was a good mix of both styles and it deserves attention.

Download it here: [V2][V0]

Buy it from All That Is Heavy here.

[1999] NeBeLNeST - NeBeLNeST

Part of the main lineup of the Rock in Opposition reunion festival back in 2007 (alongside Present and Guapo, most recent representatives of the "movement"), this french band mixes the moog synths and blissed out psychedelic guitars from the 70's (Pink Floyd comes to mind) with the academic avant-prog from Present to create an original blend. For fans of the aforementioned bands, Dün, Astra, and T2.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Musea Records here.

[2003] 23 Skidoo - The Culling Is Coming

One of the most known albums of this british industrial/post-punk band, displaying their weird side of industrial that dwelves with dark gamelan music, through the usage of what I could only guess it's metal parts smashed together, with some other less abstract moments in which the post-punk takes place, still with dark overtones. Essential album.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from CD Universe here.

[2004] Gamelan Son of Lion - The Complete Gamelan In The New World

Gamelan Son of Lion is an american ensemble that performs under the traditional javanese form of music known as Gamelan. Gamelan music (and its regional variations) is highly monophonic in nature, focusing mostly on tonal variations and improvisation to a certain extent, allowing the compositions to be as lengthy as possible. Usually gamelan music serves as an accompaniment in religious or ceremonial events in the island of Java and circundant areas, but in this case it serves as a study of minimalist music. Therefore, this kind of music should appeal mostly to minimalist/drone music enthusiasts. This release in particular is a compilation of some of their previous works, so it's a good start on this style of music.

Download it here: [256][V0]

Buy it directly from Locust Music here (scroll down).

[2010] Gospel of The Future - The Eclipse

Czech sludge done right. This is the latest release of a band which started as a mostly hardcore-influenced project, then turned their music into a slower, heavily-pounding behemoth in this album. The Eclipse is an underappreciated gem within the sludge offerings of this year, and while it doesn't surpass their self-titled release in quality, it shows once again that Czech Republic is capable of delivering heaviness while no one's looking.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Epidemie Records here.

[2009] Naam - Naam

Selft-titled debut of this doom metal/psych rock band from New York, following a similar trend bands like Serpent Throne and Glowsun have done recently, which is instrumental trippy jams drenched in stoner/psych riffs. Admittedly I'm not much of a fan of this genre (stoner rock can get boring after a while) but this band in particular managed to keep me interested during the whole album so I believe it deserves props for that. Give it a try, surely it won't disappoint. Same label as bands like Karma to Burn, Ancestors and Earthless.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Tee Pee Records here.

[2007] Skultroll - Skultroll

Underground noise/krautrock band with ambient black metal leanings, this is as close as it gets to psychedelic kraut/black metal in the vein of Aluk Todolo (specially Descension). Amazing discovery that can't go unnoticed, this CDr material deserves more attention, even though its mastering quality is lacking a bit. Same members as Ice Bound Majesty, Skultroll is conformed solely of a bass player and a drummer.

Download it here: [224][V0]

Buy it directly from Rhesus Distribution here (contact info on the site).

[2001] Porn (The Men Of) - Experiments in Feedback

Dale Crover (Melvins, Shrinebuilder) and Tim Moss are the main members of a collab project that has been conformed by many other musicians such as Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Sleep), Masami Akita (in An The Devil Makes Three), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and plenty of others. As expected, the music is slow and heavy, reminiscent at times of Melvins at their heaviest. Experiments in Feedback is their second album, which along with Wine, Women and Song is the best material they've released.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Small Stone Recordings here (only 5 copies left!)

[1990] Už Jsme Doma - Uprostřed Slov / In The Middle Of Words (2002 Reissue)

Weirdest discovery I've made lately (a bit late, considering their fame), this czech band blends progressive rock with post-punk aesthetics and quirky lyrics in a way that resembles a bit to Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Magma, just to mention a few easy examples. It's fun as hell to listen to, with a single listen I became obsessed with their style. It shows how a lot of music stays off the radar if one doesn't actively look for it. Give it a listen, it's just great to know how much amazing music comes out of Czech Republic judging by what I've heard.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Amazon here.

[1997] Ved Buens Ende - Those Who Caress The Pale

Demo material of what I consider one of the most inspirational bands within metal, and pioneers of what was later known as avantgarde black metal (a blend of avant-prog/rock and black metal aesthetics). This first release, while still displaying some of the features that were later shown in Written in Waters, it also shows a different side of the band, focusing a lot in jazz melodies and avant-prog approach, with hints to Canterbury Scene prog bands like Henry Cow, even. It's also one of the first to feature long silence parts followed by noise, weird sound bits hidden in the tracklist.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from In and Out Records here.

[1979] Art Bears - Winter Songs

Second Art Bears album, following the stylistic approach started with Hopes and Fears (which contained the written, but unperformed Henry Cow "song-oriented" material). Highly dissonant, reactionary songs, fully exploring the vocal range of Dagmar Krause and the first glances of the avantgarde approach Fred Frith and Chris Cutler were about to fully focus into in the next decades. Not as approachable as The World As It Is Today, but it's definitely a compelling listen for these interested in early avant-prog.

Download it here: [320]

Buy it directly from Recommended Records here.

[2010] Jarboe - Primal Baroque Experiment

Latest CDr from Jarboe, composed mostly of low-key vocals with droning, dark melodies, a bit unlike her previous releases, in which her vocals and dark poetry were the main highlight. Exclusive release from her official label site..

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from The Living Jarboe here (Product > CD/CDr).

[1997] Shallow North Dakota - This Apparatus Must Be Earthed

Another canadian noise-rock/sludge band, sadly disbanded at the moment. This is their second LP out of three released in their whole career, and in my opinion their best; it's interesting to note that the vocalist is also the drummer, which is not as common in this genre as it would be desired. Great material overall, reminds me sometimes of more recent bands like Kowloon Walled City and KEN mode (which is to be expected of the latter considering they belong to the same country scene).

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Sonic Unyon Records here.

[2010] Mamiffer / House of Low Culture - Uncrossing / Ice Mole

Latest release of House of Low Culture (3/4 ISIS, 1/4 Stephen O'Malley), a primarily drone-doom/field recordings band, and Mamiffer (Aaron Turner, Faith Cocciola), a post-rock/ambient project. Admittedly not much of a fan of ISIS-related works (let alone Aaron Turner), but I considered this split to be quite interesting. My favorite side is House of Low Culture's, with a rumbling, subtle bass dragging all the way until the end while the seemlingly natural, earthly sounds swirl away; but Mamiffer's side, with the slow, chilling piano is also a highlight on this split.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Utech Records here.

[2010] Egida Aurea - La Mia Piccola Guerra

Italian urban tales, manifested through powerful folk songs with neofolk undertones. This is Egida Aurea's first LP, follow-up of their first release, Storia Di Una Rondine EP. Quickly becoming one of my big favorite albums of this year, the songs on this album have a traditional italian vibe spiced up with heavy synth usage and mournful female vocals, whose softer side is often contrasted with a heavy dose of percussion and guitar-driven melodies, without losing a single bit of italian folk.

Download it here: [V2]

Buy it directly from HR!SPQR here.

[2005] Friendly Bears - On Oceans, Light, And Sleep

Free-jazzy, avant-prog band from the United States,which released an album with Infidel?/Castro! a while ago already. Similar to Tartar Lamb (Toby & Mia's (also from Kayo Dot) side project) at their softest moments, it delivers fast-paced, frantic sections on short notice, mixed with female vocals from time to time. So far their only LP, which is a shame considering how good they are. This album was released 5 years after their original forming, so they've mostly been a live band; for instance,  not too long ago they did a show along with Tartar Lamb as a support act.

Downnload it here: [V2][V0]

Buy it directly from Amazon here. Sold out on Pralaya Records.

[2007] Hide Your Daughters - The Teen Girl's Guide To Social Success

Same band members of Electro Quarterstaff and KEN mode, it combines the technicality and unpredictability of the former and the noisy heaviness of the latter and gives it a melodic take on noisy sludge. Only LP so far though (and somewhat short, 37min), but it definitely deserves some attention, considering how unlike any other I've heard is, within the genre. Give it a try!

Download it here: [V2][V0]

Buy it directly from Arctodus Records here.

[2008] KEN mode - Mennonite

In the brand of sludge I've enjoyed the most lately (noise-rock/sludge, bands like Kowloon Walled City and Shallow North Dakota), KEN mode has delivered 3 solid albums in the course of 5 years, Mennonite being the latest (Venerable would be the 4th, to be released in 2011) and best effort so far. The songs are heavy, with hints of math-rock here and there, from musicians well familiarized with the genres and capable of delivering excellent music.

Download it here: [256][V0]

Buy it directly from Arctodus Records here.

[2006] Electro Quarterstaff - Gretzky

With members of KEN mode and Hide Your Daughters, Electro Quarterstaff is an instrumental technical death metal band a bit unlike most I've heard. Sort of sharing the same overall vibe of the aforementioned bands, this trio takes the extreme technicality and speed of bands like Gorguts and Behold... The Arctopus to create almost abstract songs constantly exploring moods and motifs through the whole album. Signed to the same label where Fleshgod Apocalypse, Ulcerate and Fate of Icarus are (Willowtip), this is sure a promising band that will leave a lot of fans of the genre satisfied.

Download it here: [V0]

Currently out of stock on Willowtip.

[2010] The High Confessions - Turning Lead Into Gold With The High Confessions

Chris Connelly (Ministry), Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), Jeremy Lemos (White/Light) and Sandford Parker (Minsk) join forces together for this new experimental/post-punk project. Earlier in the year we had Shelley collaborating in Hallogallo 2010 which was a Michael Rother, sort of Neu! revival project; this time he combines his past experiences along with Connelly's to create an album that would fit nicely within the same scene that gave birth to bands like The Pop Group, Swell Maps, Pere Ubu and others. Trance-inducing melodies, overall quality music released under the same label that would see the light of Godflesh, Relapse Records.

Download it here: [V2][V0] Removed per request

Buy it directly from Relapse Records here.

[2010] Bene Gesserit - First Time In Aachen

Their second live show, showing that they're still alive and kicking. Crazy stuff (translated well live, which is appreciated), from this sardonic band with a high sense of dark humor. Tonight's rendition is my favorite, but the whole session is killer. For fans of the band, mostly... Best way to introduce yourself to this band is with abums like Fashion Is A Dirty Word, which contains most of their famous songs. One of my not-so-well-known favorites, btw.

Download it here: [V2]

Buy it directly from EE Tapes here.

[1998] Keiji Haino With Boris - Black: Implication Flooding

First live collaboration of Boris with the well-known noise/free improviser Keiji Haino. Unlike other collabs, this one really outshines Boris, focusing a lot more in Haino's frantic vocals and guitar fiddling. I consider it great, actually. It brings a lot of Boris' heaviest moments in a live session, which is often mistaken as being only present in albums like Feedbacker or Amplifier Worship (which are slow building and relying on heavy riffs); in this album we have a lot of feedback usage, fast, free-form drumming, and unusual traditional instruments (via Haino). Fully recommended to those wanting to explore unheard of facets of this excellent band.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Inoxia Records here.

[2003] Cheer-Accident - Introducing Lemon

Progressive rock (with a touch of RIO) meets math-rock, meets indie rock. Thymme Jones' main band, Cheer-Accident is easily one of the best, most underrated progressive-rock bands of the last decade. This album is their most known release, in which remarkable drumming (without being too showy) and occasional brass instruments add their quota of amazing melodies, paired with mellow, sometimes cheesy lyrics. There's many highlights in this album, for instance Zervas and While. In reality, most of the song bleed into the next one, making it better to listen to it in its entirety to fully appreciate it. All in all this is great music that deserves more attention, very unlike most bands in their genre, considering their humorous approach and emphasis on 'telling' rather than 'showing'. It reminds me of Art Bears a lot, not much in the content though (or even musically), but the spirit behind it.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from SKiN GRAFT Records here (page 8).

[2009] Æthenor - Faking Gold & Murder

Latest album of this supergroup formed by Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))), Khanate), Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo, Mothlite, Ulver), Krystoffer Rygg (Ulver) and Vincent De Roguin (Shora). Following the ideas already present in Betimes Black Cloudmasses, this time the drones and free jazz drumming are used as more of a background expressive element for David Tibet (Current 93), which joins the group for another session of his occult chants and poetry. Big favorite of 2009, this album shows a different side of the regular abstract music present in their previous releases.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from VHF Records here.

[2010] U.S. Christmas - Run Thick in the Night

Psychedelic rock with a melancholic tone, this american band signed to the prestigious label Neurot Recordings delivers one of the nicest offerings in the genre. Run Thick In The Night is easily as good as their previous release (Eat The Low Dogs), if not better. From members of Hour of 13 and Demoncy, this album promises to be favorite of the year for many of you who are already familiar with the unique style of this band.

Buy it directly from Neurot Recordings here.

[2008] Klangmutationen - Schwarzhagel

Utech release of this malaysian quartet whose name is actually the zone from where they hail (Klang) and merely a german coincidence, this time the free jazz present in their first albums (Session Zero) gets much faster and laced with noise, turning this album into an opressive, dark experience. One of the finest Utech releases.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Utech Records here.

[2010] Urfaust - Der Freiwillige Bettler

The perfect follow-up from Verräterischer, Nichtswürdiger Geist and with hints of Einslieder and the split with Joyless, Urfaust delivers after 5 years without releasing a full length. The duo conformed by IX (vocals, guitar) and VRDRBR (drums) proved that they didn't waste their time. Der Freiwillige Bettler (The Voluntary Beggar in german) is an excellent album, which makes me miss a bit of the orchestral sections in Verräterischer..., but it has some of the melodic side of Einslieder which made that EP so worthy of several listens.
Big favorite of the album: Der Mensch, die kleine Narrenwelt.

Download it here: [320]

Buy it directly from Ván Records here.

[2008] Tetragrammaton - Elegy For Native Tongues

Debut of this japanese drone/psych folk trio (their second album was released by Utech Records this year), which mixes the slow building structure of drone music with a dense layer of free jazz and traditional instruments manipulated via electronic equipment. There's few groups going for a similar approach (as far as I know), so this is one of these albums worthy of praise. For fans of free improvisation and drone music unlike most minimalist releases out there.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Subvalent here.

[2008] Æthenor - Betimes Black Cloudmasses

Second album of the trio conformed by Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))), Khanate), Daniel O'Sullivan (Mothlite, Ulver) and Vincent De Roguin (Shora), starts out quiet and slow, with blasts here and there, and then turns into a full-blown free jazz arrangement (brought by the collaborators Nicolas Field and Alex Babel, who also joined later in Faking Gold and Murder), while a tense atmosphere is sustained by the main trio until the end. This is the first album featuring Krystoffer Rigg (also known as "Garm" from Ulver) in vocals and sound processing, and he'll become a main part of the crew for the next albums.

Download it here: [V2][V0]

Buy it directly from VHF Records here.

[2010] Julie Christmas - The Bad Wife

The first solo effort of Julie Christmas (Battle of Mice, Made Out of Babies) is a solid start on a solo career in which her past experiences with Battle of Mice and Spylacopa (not so much Made Out of Babies), become very prominent. Her vocals (like usual) touch several moods through every song, ranging from sad and mellow to raging and violent at times. Definitely, worth a check if you're a fan of the previously mentioned band and if you're already familiar with her style (which I'd describe as "Björk gone post-hardcore").

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Rising Pulse Records here.

[1999] Fate of Icarus - Suffocate The Angels

One of the first bands where Ryan Unks (The Human Quena Orchestra, Creation is Crucifixion) was involved, this is unlike both of these projects. Fast, brutal delivery, in which some experimental elements (later found on the bands previously mentioned) can be heard. Short-lived and obscured by the bands where their members took part of after their split-up, this band still represents a highlight in their career.
This album in particular is an LP which also serves as a compilation, seeing as it gathers the songs from their previous splits along with some new material.

Download it here: [V2][V0]

Currently out of stock on Willowtip.

[2005] Black Boned Angel - Supereclipse

First album of this well-known Campbell Kneale project (Birchville Cat Motel, Our Love Will Destroy The World, and many, many others), it's also their most approachable release, since it's split into three tracks instead of the 1h monolithic slabs that characterize the next releases of this drone-doom metal project.
 Heaviest and slowest than most bands of its genre, it features mostly guitars and bass, with the heavy thumping drums of the second and third track. Definitely worth a try.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Currently sold out on 20 Buck Spin.

[2007] Rahmane - Black Cross / Red Crescent

Duncan Bruce, part of the underground New Zealander scene, delivers an interesting mixture of dark afghan folk with free-jazzy, spaced out melodies reminscent of Klangmutationen (the malaysian free jazz quartet) in this 2-sided cassette. Sounds extra noisy (product of the live sound manipulation), though most of the influences and ideas can be heard buried beneath the layers of noise.

Download it here: [256][V0]

Currently sold out on 8mm Records.

[2009] Tom Hall & Bonnie Mercer - MIDweekMID

A collaboration between the visual artist, photographer and noise/drone musician Tom Hall and the ex-member of the well-known free improv/sludge band Grey Daturas (now defunct and recreated under the name Breathing Shrine), guitar improviser Bonnie Mercer. This collab release contains three heavy tracks, two of them recorded live. Truly another great display of the underground talent present in Australia.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Weird Appendage Tapes here.
Buy it directly from Tom Hall here.

Ulver announcement: new album on the works

Shirt design courtesy of Ulver's official site

Yesterday Ulver announced through their official site that they'll be releasing a new album (finally!) sometime during 2011. Entitled Critical Geography, it represents their tenth full length effort, 4 years after Shadows of The Sun.

"2011 is the future, a Critical Geography, the new album of Ulver. The anthological presentation we've been hiding behind since Lillehammer is history after Warzaw."

It's still unknown how this will tie with the previously announced album Psyche, which consisted of tribute covers. My guess is that it'll be released as an EP instead, seeing as it's not new material but rather reinterpretations of other songs.

The band has been quite active lately, with multiple shows across Europe and some festivals, and next year they'll be performing along with Virus, another legendary band born from the ashes of Ved Buens Ende (another one of my favorites) on London at the KOKO (more info here), so there's a big chance they'll be perfoming some of their new material live.

[2006] Æthenor - Deep In Ocean Sunk The Lamp Of Light

First release of this great collaboration between Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))), Khanate), Daniel O'Sullivan (Mothlite, Ulver) and Vincent de Roguin (Shora), which was part of the main lineup at the time. Together they've released a series of albums under VHF Records, taking the most abstract side of their past influences and mixing them in a sonic melting pot, taking it to close territories of albums such as Nurse With Wound's Spiral Insana and the like. This is an (almost) beat-less album, in which the soundscapes are left to exploration and constantly grow and shrink for the listener, painting a darker, more abstract mental picture than O'Sullivan's side-project The Stargazer's Assistant (which was conceived a year after Æthenor). On the first manifestation of this band, field recordings manipulations are the main highlight, leaving some of the subtle melodies surround and overwhelm the listener.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from VHF Records here.

[2007] Sachiko - Kunado

Unobxtrusive noise/drone solo project of Sachiko, it uses her own vocals layered in dense noise walls, creating interesting soundscapes not unlike other noise/noise-rock bands from the same country, but keeping it low key. For those interested in noise music that goes beyond the violent, harsh atmospheres typical of the genre.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Utech Records here.

[1974] Henry Cow - Unrest

Essential avant-prog/RIO band and one of my all-time favorites, Henry Cow doesn't need much introduction. Pioneers of the Rock In Opposition movement in which their members thrive to compose quality, complex music outside of the common denominator of the big labels (such as Virgin Records at that time, which brought them a lot of problems that ended up in this detachment) and with a strong leftist/socialist leaning, this album is a blend of jazz with progressive rock put forward in a unique way, almost typical of the Canterbury movement but still detaching a lot from its regular style. Almost completely instrumental, it features some vocals from Leigh and Wyatt (who also collaborated with them during Leg End).

Download it here: [320][V0][FLAC Part 1 Part 2] Updated!

Buy it directly from Recommended Records here.

[1999] Tarentel - From Bone To Satellite

First album of what I consider one of the best second wave post-rock bands that came out of USA.Coming from the same circle that later would release projects such as Sonna and The Drift, this is Tarentel's most post-rock/jazz focused album. It's very unlike their canadian counterparts that were around at the same time as them, they use a dense style of playing where the crescendos and buildups are usually arranged over the already present grounds. Also, when I say this is their "most" post-rock album it's because they progressively turn into a free improvisation quartet, which is great since I love that stuff. Ghetto Beats In The Surface of The Sun is one of these albums in which every successive listen unveils more and more. From Bone To Satellite has some of that, so it's not your passive post-rock band with nothing special going on.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Temporary Residence Limited here.

[2008] One Second Riot - One Second Riot

My latest discovery, product of a split with Neptune, this french post-punk/noise-rock band really fits the association with Neptune. Released their debut in 2008, this band imprints a depressive take on the experimental post-punk coming from bands like Swell Maps and This Heat, while adding a heaviness not unlike hardcore. There's a The Cure cover floating around which is one of the best covers I've heard, since the vocalist sounds very similar to Robert Smith, which fits the vibe. Definitely check this out, hopefully you won't regret it.

Download it here: [256][V0]

Buy it directly from Music Fear Satan here.

Sunn O))) Presents: Aluk Todolo @ Roadburn Festival 2011

It's a shame I probably won't be able to attend, but this looks like a promising show:

If you attend Roadburn 2011, you're in for a treat. This band was a perfect addition to the lineup put together by Sunn O))) for next year's event. Hopefully, 2011 won't suffer the same natural events like the volcano eruption during the first three months of this year, which caused several bands to cancel and some others to spend extra cash on land transportation..

Read more here: http://www.roadburn.com/2010/11/sunn-o-announces-first-bands-for-their-curated-event-at-roadburn-festival-2011-winter-earth-and-scorn-amongst-others/

[2003] Nurse With Wound - Salt Marie Celeste

 An hour-long drone track, apparently commisioned for an exposition, it's also one of Nurse With Wound's more known drone albums. Sounds like a ghst ship aimlessly floating into the ocean, with the occassional wheel turning and creaking. It's perfect to achieve that kind of atmosphere, and definitely not to leave it in the background while doing other stuff, seeing as it can get quite frightening at times.

Download it here: [320]

[1973] Faust - The Faust Tapes (2010 ReR Reissue)

After their s/t, this is essential Faust material, which also has more of the tape manipulation and spoken word bits already present on the s/t and took it somewhere unknown. The standard "krautrock" songs are quickly replaced by weirdness track after track, leaving the listener sometimes completely unaware of what's going on if not enough attention is paid. In my opinion this is material that should be own not only by fans of the genre, but those interested in experimental music in general, seeing as this album set precedents still groundbreaking until our days.

Download it here: [V0] Updated!

Buy it directly from Recommended Records here.

[2006] The Gault - Even As All Before Us

The finest work John Gossard was part of, The Gault is the perfect mixture of the subtle beauty and haunting vocals of Amber Asylum with the fierce riffing and despair-evoking melodies of Weakling, in a musical project that can't be likened with any other within its genre. For those unaware of this band which released only this album before splitting, this music will capture you with its unmatched way to channel complex emotions. Only either Amber Asylum, Jarboe or mid-career Swans would come close to the wave of feelings evoked from the 7 songs contained in this album. A big time favorite, and in my opinion an essential listen for every single one of you with a deep interest in music.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Ván Records here.

[2006] Circle - Tyrant

Starting with a psychedelic, repeated section typical of their take on krautrock, it devolves into weirdness, with the punkish vocals, frantic drumming and crazy synths which quickly picks up pace before fading and getting their engines ready for the next song(s). Almost 45min of the best introduction to Circle that I'd recommend for beginners and fans of the genre alike, brought as usual by Latitudes.

Download it here [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Latitudes here.

[1998] You Fantastic! - Homesickness

Retaining some of the upbeat feeling present in Cheer-Accident, You Fantastic! is a more experimental and sparse take on said math/prog/indie rock band fronted by Thymme Jones. This isn't really a side-project though, it feels more of an experimental "jam band" going at it, snipping and pasting everything they've collected through years of performing in their respective bands (Brise-Glace and Cheer-Accident), and resulting on a very interesting album that borders math-rock, prog-rock, noise, spoken word, field recordings, all over rough 70min. Good for fans of any of these bands and for those interested in crazy, somewhat random pieces of music.

Download it here: [256][320][V0]

Buy it directly from Skin Graft Records here (page 3).

[2006] Nurse With Wound - Shipwreck Radio: Final Broadcasts

And here we have it, the final release of the Shipwreck Radio sessions.Only one CD, three tracks, with the last batch of transmissions from their radio show at Lofoten, consisting of recordings in the island of Utvær. Perfect way to end this series.

Download it here: [320][V0]

[1981] Art Bears - The World As It Is Today

An integral part of what became the Henry Cow legacy, Art Bears stands out as one of the most influential, cult-like bands of the rock in opposition/canterbury movement of the late 70's and beginnings of the 80's. The World As It Is Today, their last album, is agressive, dissonant, and full of politics, expressed not only by the acclaimed vocalist Dagmar Krause (in one of her best performances to date), but the complex and (at some points) seemingly random arrangements, which is in fact well structured and rooted in modern classical archetypes and free improvisation. The song Freedom is already considered a classic, in which the rebellious nature of the band (and their stance against corporations and capitalist systems of their time and the present) is fully displayed. Essential listening material.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Recommended Records here.

[2010] Kayo Dot - Stained Glass EP

With a more synth-oriented focus on their usual style, Kayo Dot releases this great EP, Stained Glass, which almost seems like an addendum to the song Abyss Hinge 2: The Shrinking Armature, and in that note, the listener already knows what to expect: slow, chilled out notes with sparse guitar solos and low-key vocals in the subtlest way only this band could achieve. Almost 20min of the finest avant-prog rock brought by Kayo Dot.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Hydra Head Records here.