[2009] The Thing - Bag It!

Produced by Steve Albini, this is the latest The Thing album (by themselves), and the trio shows they're still good to go. Just as intense as their very first albums, this one is their most stripped down effort, sounding more like a live show recording in a cafe, with an intensity enough to incite dancing instead of anxiety.

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[1989] AMM - AMMMusic 1966

Reissue by Recommended Records from the original 1967 release, which consists on at least 30min extra of free improvisation. Essential material of one of the earliest free improv bands in the history of the style, which borrowed heavily from the jazz basic structure and experimented with electronic equipment, particularly transistor radios.

Download it here: [320][V0]

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[2011] Circle - Infektio

The latest Circle album, which steps away from the intensity Rautatie had and went into full psychedelic rock with some drawn out, ambient parts. It feels shorter than its predecessor, but it compensates it with the strong tribal vibe and the kosmische synths. Definitely, great material.

Download it here: [V2][V0]

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Roadburn Festival 2011: Selected Bands

I've been doing it for a while, but didn't really keep up, so...
To commemorate Roadburn 2011, I'm going to post a good amount of bands and albums relevant to this festival. The guys from Sunn O))) put together an amazing lineup this year, and I thought Tom Warrior's was already perfect as it was. So since tomorrow (or practically today, considering the time difference) the festival will start, it's going to be a good opportunity for us who couldn't make it to check out some of the amazing bands in there.

Check the label Roadburn Festival under Collections.

And if you want to check the bands and their running order, click here.

[2011] Grouper - A I A : Dream Loss

This is the second part of the latest 2xCD release by Grouper. Dream Loss starts on a similar way Alien Observer ended, with a slow, haunting note that will serve as an intro, before kicking in with a slow strummed guitar and drowned vocals akin to her previous album, less dark and more provocative and haunting.
Both discs complement each other nicely. Playing them together (which seems to be the main purpose) will create a really dense atmosphere, typical of her live shows. Awesome comeback album, 3 years waiting for something like this and Grouper delivered. Recommended for 2011.

Download it here: [V0]

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[2011] Grouper - A I A : Alien Observer

This is the first part of Grouper's (Liz Harris' monicker) first double CD and latest release 3 years after Dragging A Deer Up A Hill, her most famous work. Both CD's complement each other, this one heavily on the dark ambient side. The electronic elements make the manipulated guitar to be almost indiscernible, and instead drowned along with the vocals, giving it the unique ethereal style we're familiar with. Similar in vein to her earlier albums, with a stronger emphasis in the atmosphere and less in the guitar instrumentation.

Download it here: [V0]

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