[2011] Master Musicians of Bukkake - Totem Three

Their latest release and the last from their Totem trilogy, this album is the perfect closure for an amazing series of albums that explored the occult, unknown places of the Earth with its array of sounds, influences and bizarre elements. Comparing bands is always unfair, but it seems to me that they've already gotten closer, if not surpassed, bands from the psychedelic krautrock era such as Agitation Free and Can (saving the distances of course), by combining the best of the psychedelic rock sound with strong eastern influences, and late 20th century's filmography. And on that note (while following the idea of their previous single), this album is a homage to John Carpenter's horror films, mimicking the vintage synths and dark atmosphere that characterized classics like The Thing and the Halloween series.

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[1986] Shub Niggurath - Les Morts Von Vite (Reissue 1997)

More french avant-prog, and this time is the turn of the legendary Shub Niggurath. Inspired by Magma and Art Zoyd, their occult, haunting vibe typical of the french bands following the contemporary classical approach in progressive rock back then. It's not as energetic as Magma was (with its strong jazz elements), but it's as bombastic and full of the same free improvisation that characterized the bands from the well known Rock In Opposition movement.

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[2007] Supersilent - 8

Similar in vein to 7, less chaotic and with an emphasis in Helge Sten's electronic dabbling. Part of this session became part of what was later released as 11, the same free form drumming with Henriksen's slow and sultry trumpet can be heard here.

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[1978] Univers Zéro / Art Zoyd - Live at Theatre du Taur, Toulouse, France

A somewhat rare bootleg of a 1978 show in France, in which Univers Zéro and Art Zoyd shared the stage and even played songs together. This bootleg recording is not complete though (some songs are missing), but what most would look forward to hear (a collaboration between both bands) is present in Complainte.
Aside from that, this bootleg has songs from Univers Zéro's Heresie era, and Art Zoyd's first album played live; it's not the best recording ever since the mic pans from channel to channel and there's a few other flaws, but even then it's worth having, particularly for Univers Zéro's Jack The Ripper, excellent live rendition of one of their most famous songs.

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Unavailable for purchase.

[2005] Supersilent - 7

Live DVD release (only audio provided), following the continuity of their previous releases but straying away (once again) from the sound of their preceding album (heavily relying in electronic elements) in order to showcase their wide experience in free improvisation, clocking at 1h48min of live show.

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[2010][REQUEST] Mop Meuchiine - Mop Meuchiine plays Robert Wyatt

Another Robert Wyatt tribute, and this time is the collective Mop Meuchiine, fronted by the prolific Pascal Maupeu, with an intense collaborative project which ranges from the jazzy feel of early Soft Machine to the intense, improvisational post-rock delivery of bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and similar.
Excellent material.

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