[1998] Keiji Haino With Boris - Black: Implication Flooding

First live collaboration of Boris with the well-known noise/free improviser Keiji Haino. Unlike other collabs, this one really outshines Boris, focusing a lot more in Haino's frantic vocals and guitar fiddling. I consider it great, actually. It brings a lot of Boris' heaviest moments in a live session, which is often mistaken as being only present in albums like Feedbacker or Amplifier Worship (which are slow building and relying on heavy riffs); in this album we have a lot of feedback usage, fast, free-form drumming, and unusual traditional instruments (via Haino). Fully recommended to those wanting to explore unheard of facets of this excellent band.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Inoxia Records here.


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