[2010] Free Tallinn Trio - A Tale

A free jazz/improv ensemble gathering three prominent figures of the estonian jazz scene. Performing live in several ocassions in Europe, one of their most remarkable features is Anne-Liis Poll's energetic and highly expressive vocals, which is emphasized by the spastic keyboard and incendiary guitar delivery by Anto Pett and Jaak Sooäär, respectively. The improvisation work in this live album (recorded at  the Moers Festival in Germany, back in 2008) is excellent, exposing the expressive power of the genre.

Download it here: [V0][FLAC Part 1 Part 2]

Buy it directly from Leo Records here.


Mishell said...

Hey check out (and like) an awesome review on some of Leo Records' recently released albums featuring the album "A Tale" (Free Tallinn Trio) by one of the contributors of Culture Catch Mr. Holtje at: http://culturecatch.com/music/catching-leo-part-2

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