[2011][UPCOMING] Sunn O))) - Agharhi 09-10

(Via Ideologic.org)

Just look at this beauty... Can't wait to hear it. While Monoliths & Dimensions wasn't a total favorite (an overdose of Attila Csihar, as much as I like the guy's vocals in Oracle), some of their songs were just amazing and I expect them to sound immense live, just like La Mort Noir Dans / Ech Alzette did. I guess the idea of having a live choir in some gigs couldn't materialize, but I suppose sometime in the future it'll happen.
 Only two ways to get this: through the SL Subscription Series, or Roadburn 2011. It seems like there will be a lot of speculation with the prices of this release, given the exclusivity. Quite a shame, but I'll try to acquire it nonetheless.

I think there's a typo on the official flyer on Southern Lord's site, since it says Agharhi instead of Agharthi, like in the cover shown above. It might be the actual name though, but I'll remain skeptical until I see the cover in full view.

More info on the Southern Lord Subscription Series here.


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