[2008] Gunslingers - No More Invention

Formed by one of the members of the krautrock band Aluk Todolo, Antoine Hadjioannou (drums), Gunslingers is an insane mix of psychedelic madness with the careless attitude of post-punk, which resembles in some ways the krautrock movement but retaining a garage/DIY aesthetic. At a first listen it reminds a lot of Aluk Todolo's Obedience, the same fast drumming along with the wall of guitars strolling around, but in this case vocals play an important role in the upbeat tone of this album. All in all a noteworthy debut, full of catchy songs and trippy vocals.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from World In Sound here (check the Catalog >> CD/Vinyl).


Anonymous said...

bullshits! gunslingers was formed by insane leader GR, guitarist & singer

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