[2009] Orchestre National de Jazz - Around Robert Wyatt

A very interesting release, which gathers plenty of classic compositions from popular albums in which Robert Wyatt (such an inspiring figure of the canterbury prog scene of the 70's and beyond) contributed and took part of, ranging from his solo albums, the Blegvad/Greaves/Herman collab known as  Kew Rhone, to Matching Mole and many others, reinterpreted by the Orchestre National de Jazz, and even with his own participation in a good part of them. Without losing a bit of their original quality, the songs are embellished with noteworthy contributions, such as Rokia Taoré's soul-influenced vocals, full of warmth and innocence, or Yael Naim's folky vibe, giving it a kind, retro feel to Wyatt's compositions.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Abeille Musique here.


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