[2011] Miracle - Fluid Window

This is the debut EP of the new project between Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo, Ulver, Mothlite) and Steve Moore (Zombi), which could be described as a heavy 80's psychedelic trip, drenched in a strong aura borrowed (but not directly addressed) from the 70's kosmische scene. The ethereal vocals present here are no surprise at all considering Mothlite's arrangements, but aside from the obvious pop style, there's still space for experimentation like in songs such as Wild Nights, relying mostly in strong sample layering. Catchy and sexy, just as many other bands and artists of that era, brought to 2011 as a reinterpretation rather than a revival intent.
Give it a full listen below, and preorder it using the link provided.

Miracle - Fluid Window by houseanxiety

Download it here: [256][V0] Updated!

Preorder via House Anxiety here.


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