[REQUEST] [2006] Walter &Sabrina - Chioma SuperNormal: The Dark Album

I haven't actually listened to this yet, but I might get around to it today. I'm not fully familiar with the projects associated to AMM as it's something I have on my to-do list. For whoever requested it, enjoy.
And after listening to this, I can certify it's really good stuff. A bizarre form of art-pop, involving electronic manipulation and contemporary classical in big doses, paired with sarcastic, dark humored lyrics.

"This uniform dull plodder,
This Sodden Strangler.
All hail little man, into average stagger marching.
Feeling social inferiority."
~ The Sodden Stranger

Download it here: [256 Part 1 Part 2][V0]

Buy it directly from Danny Dark Records here.


Cristho70 said...

Thank You Very Much !!

Greetings from Italy !!!

Anonymous said...

possible re-up plz?

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