I apologize for the lack of consistent updates, I've been away focusing on a series of web projects that have been taking most of my time. One of them has to do with music, the other two are interesting online stores, so maybe I'll share the details with you later.
Or not.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with an absurd article examining the allegedly racist undertones behind this ice cream brand (in my country it's called EFE, but it's basically the same) taken from the Aftonbladet, a well known Swedish tabloid. Hilarious.

PS: I'm also considering a rehash of the contents of this blog. I'd like to focus on books and film reviews for a while, I've had a few drafted posts regarding books that I haven't finished for undisclosed reasons. There might be a collaborator soon, we'll see how it goes.

27/08/2011 "update" (prev 5/31/11): due to some real life duties, I haven't been able to update the blog, which means the planned rehash has been once again delayed. As soon as I find some time, I'll work on the design, some new album posts and articles. For now, I won't be able to take care of any requests, I apologize for that.


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