[2011] Horseback/Locrian - New Dominions

The new collaboration between Horseback and Locrian is here, released in no other label but Utech Records. Two tracks clocking around 20min in total; my favorite being Our Epitaph, focusing in building upon the song structure using a breathtaking layering, involving Locrian's ever present tremolo-picked chords and Horseback's galloping slow riffing, accompanied by sparse drumming turning the song in a heavy trip. The Gift goes the opposite way, setting an eerie mood with the slow, crashing guitars complementing the piano and layered harsh vocals. Short but compelling release.

Buy it directly from Utech Records here.


eM!eL said...

Could you please reupload?

AntaresMHD said...

Done. It won't last long, I'm sure.

eM!eL said...

Well for what it's worth you have my eternal gratitude. :)

Anonymous said...

is it much to ask for onother upload ???
they removed it..

Vaargseth said...

Could you re-upload this, please?
Thanks, anyway.

daniel said...

waiting for re-up too

great blog this one.!

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