[1999] Tarentel - From Bone To Satellite

First album of what I consider one of the best second wave post-rock bands that came out of USA.Coming from the same circle that later would release projects such as Sonna and The Drift, this is Tarentel's most post-rock/jazz focused album. It's very unlike their canadian counterparts that were around at the same time as them, they use a dense style of playing where the crescendos and buildups are usually arranged over the already present grounds. Also, when I say this is their "most" post-rock album it's because they progressively turn into a free improvisation quartet, which is great since I love that stuff. Ghetto Beats In The Surface of The Sun is one of these albums in which every successive listen unveils more and more. From Bone To Satellite has some of that, so it's not your passive post-rock band with nothing special going on.

Download it here: [320][V0]

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