Ulver announcement: new album on the works

Shirt design courtesy of Ulver's official site

Yesterday Ulver announced through their official site that they'll be releasing a new album (finally!) sometime during 2011. Entitled Critical Geography, it represents their tenth full length effort, 4 years after Shadows of The Sun.

"2011 is the future, a Critical Geography, the new album of Ulver. The anthological presentation we've been hiding behind since Lillehammer is history after Warzaw."

It's still unknown how this will tie with the previously announced album Psyche, which consisted of tribute covers. My guess is that it'll be released as an EP instead, seeing as it's not new material but rather reinterpretations of other songs.

The band has been quite active lately, with multiple shows across Europe and some festivals, and next year they'll be performing along with Virus, another legendary band born from the ashes of Ved Buens Ende (another one of my favorites) on London at the KOKO (more info here), so there's a big chance they'll be perfoming some of their new material live.


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