[1993] Vibraslaps - Vibraslaps

Ikue Mori, one of the most prominent Tzadik solo artists of the last decade and also with a reasonable number of collaborations, released a free improv collab along with Catherine Jauniaux (avantgarde singer, member of Aksak Maboul) back in 1993 under the name of Vibraslaps. This was back in the era when Mori focused mostly on drum machines, and Jauniaux had already established herself with Aksak Maboul and her solo work with the aid of Fred Frith, Fluvial. The result is somewhat similar to the latter, going a step further into the insanity by using completely improvised vocals, and there doesn't seem to exist a limit for how quirky and out there they could get. All in all a great release for the fans of their career (both Ikue Mori and Catherine Jeauniaux), and avant-prog in general.

Download it here: [320][V0]

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