[2010] Sailors With Wax Wings - Sailors With Wax Wings

What in my opinion was the best collaboration project back in 2010, Sailors With Wax Wings debut is one of the most interesting works I've listened so far in their style. Conformed by Ted Parsons (Swans, Jesu), Hildur Guðnadóttir, James Blackshaw (Brethen of The Free Spirit), Colin Marston (bassist of Gorguts, Dysrhythmia and Behold... The Arctopus), Aidan Baker (Nadja), Simon Scott (Slowdive), Prurient and the folks from Pyramids, this album shouldn't be considered as a mix of all the aforementioned bands, but a completely new sound that ranges from shoegaze, modern classical, drone music, neofolk at some parts, and post-rock ethos. Heavily layered and complex, there's not a single moment in this album that doesn't grab your attention with its melodic trance. Bearing a vague resemblance to the collab Pyramids + Nadja, this album explores that same dense atmosphere and gives it a larger range, allowing the listener to discover new parts of the whole at every new listen.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Angel Oven Records here.


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