[2011] Faust - Something Dirty

One of my most expected releases for this year comes from the masterminds of the second official half of Faust, and their album Something Dirty. Radically different from last year's release (Faust Is Last), Péron's half leans more towards the psychedelic side of the original band (reminiscent of their s/t and Faust IV), making most of the songs included in this album more accessible (in the way Faust could allow itself) and less on the experimental side (yet unmistakenly focused on it, as usual), which was Joachim Irmler's half and their Faust Is Last's release. 13 tracks that remind ourselves of the krautrock gold era without any sort of revivalist complex that some bands are experiencing (talking about Amon Düül II), and definitely one of the most solid releases of this year, so far.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Bureau B here.


Anonymous said...

yo dawg, a friend of mine said you liked to smoke crack. Im not a dealer, but I know someone who can hook you up. You down?

AntaresMHD said...

You mean "krak"? Sure bro.

Anonymous said...

really wanted this but the file seems all acrewy?

AntaresMHD said...

I deleted and reuploaded the album, now it should be fine. Mediafire often screws up my uploads, so I rely on reporting whenever it happens. Thanks for doing so.

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