[2004] Grey Daturas - Dead In The Woods

This is one of the bands I consider one of my main influences to explore and compose music on my own, which could've had a full decade of existence in 2012 if they hadn't disbanded in early 2010. Grey Daturas was an australian collective of improvisers, with influences ranging from Sonic Youth, Black Sabbath, Can and many others, which in turn gave the band an eclectic style. Of course being an improvisational group meant that none of their songs were neither rehearsed nor repeated, and well rooted into the heaviest noise rock with doom metal hints, and even in some cases, drone-doom (in the vein of Earth), as seen in the Yellow Swans collab which was well received by many music critics.
Grey Daturas broke up but it resurfaced shortly as the duo known as Breathing Shrine, with Bonnie Mercer (guitar) and Rob Mayson (drums), and keeping with the heavy live output that made them famous.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Breathing Shrine/Grey Daturas official site here.


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