[2007] Smegma - Nattering Naybobs of Negativity

Nattering Naybobs of Negativity is one of the most representative albums (aside from their debut, Glamour Girl 1941) of this band, which has influenced several experimental and improvisational acts during 4 decades, including (but not limited to) projects related to Stapleton in general, and many others with improvisational backgrounds. And indeed, its extensive use of sample manipulation and bizarre free jazz and tape looping predates plenty of artists from back then, without sounding dated or less out there than late, well known projects. In this album the Zappa influence is quite evident, with its cartoonish samples and crazed ramblings with the pervert humor present in Uncle Meat, but instead of delving further into progressive rock, it loses itself in a free jazz craze, which fits the style nicely.

This is a 2007 reissue of the original 1987 release, which includes Morass (cassette), released a year later.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Forced Exposure here.


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