[1973] Faust - The Faust Tapes (2010 ReR Reissue)

After their s/t, this is essential Faust material, which also has more of the tape manipulation and spoken word bits already present on the s/t and took it somewhere unknown. The standard "krautrock" songs are quickly replaced by weirdness track after track, leaving the listener sometimes completely unaware of what's going on if not enough attention is paid. In my opinion this is material that should be own not only by fans of the genre, but those interested in experimental music in general, seeing as this album set precedents still groundbreaking until our days.

Download it here: [V0] Updated!

Buy it directly from Recommended Records here.


Ana Gutieszca said...

the file is wrong, i downloaded the NWW - Acts of Sensless Beauty instead! thanks as well

AntaresMHD said...

That was a silly goof. I've already fixed it.

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