[2006] Circle - Tyrant

Starting with a psychedelic, repeated section typical of their take on krautrock, it devolves into weirdness, with the punkish vocals, frantic drumming and crazy synths which quickly picks up pace before fading and getting their engines ready for the next song(s). Almost 45min of the best introduction to Circle that I'd recommend for beginners and fans of the genre alike, brought as usual by Latitudes.

Download it here [320][V0]

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Sam said...

Dantares this is a horrible introduction to Circle. Please try harder in future. The album you meant was 'Panic'.

AntaresMHD said...

Hey, I thought it was really good, then again I've only llistened to 4 Circle albums.

Sam said...

Miljard and Panic are my favourites, but Katapult, Forest and Sunrise are all incredible too. I need to catch up on their discog actually. Prolific jerks.

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