[1998] You Fantastic! - Homesickness

Retaining some of the upbeat feeling present in Cheer-Accident, You Fantastic! is a more experimental and sparse take on said math/prog/indie rock band fronted by Thymme Jones. This isn't really a side-project though, it feels more of an experimental "jam band" going at it, snipping and pasting everything they've collected through years of performing in their respective bands (Brise-Glace and Cheer-Accident), and resulting on a very interesting album that borders math-rock, prog-rock, noise, spoken word, field recordings, all over rough 70min. Good for fans of any of these bands and for those interested in crazy, somewhat random pieces of music.

Download it here: [256][320][V0]

Buy it directly from Skin Graft Records here (page 3).


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