[2008] Joe Preston And Daniel Menche - Cerberic Doxology

Trance-inducing drone/dark ambient from two experts in the subject. Joe Preston in one hand, main pioneer of the drone-doom scene (back when Melvins was churning out really slow, heavy stuff, and at the very beginnings of Earth), sole member of Thrones, and early collaborator of Sunn O))) for two of the best albums that band has ever released (the White sessions) and the Oracle EP. And Daniel Menche (also from Oregon), a prominent noise/dark ambient artist who has collaborated with several musicians related to the experimental scene, highly prolific on his own as well.
The two of them provide vocals for this bizarre album consisting on a single 20min track, whose layers constantly intertwine and blur along with the subtle droning soundscape. This intonation could seem slightly similar to Sunn O)))'s Decay[NIHIL'S MAW] and Decay2 [The Symptoms of Kali Yuga], or Sunn O))) & Altar's Akuma no Kuma (he actually provided vocals for this one), except there's barely any other instruments aside from the droning vocalizations. Quite an intriguing album, reminding of primal landscapes and massive prehistoric monuments of unknown meaning.

Download it here [320][V0]

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