Yet another Ulver announcement: 'Wars Of The Roses' coming out in April

It turns out the wolf pack will be extra busy this year, judging by the two confirmed releases that will see the light in next months and the extensive touring they'll embark into, on several European locations. I still have yet to hear any words regarding their collab with Sunn O))) and cover albums like Psyche, but so far I can say it's all shaping up nicely for Ulver.

"With a long standing reputation for being unpredictable and unafraid of radical departures, the most subversive aspect this time is perhaps the band's increased accessibility; even touching on the polished sensibilities of pop and rock."

Personally I can't wait to hear how Daniel O'Sullivan's contributions will be like, although the crew gathered for this album is worth mentioning: Stian Westerhus (which I've mentioned before on this blog), Steve Noble (also a member of Æthenor), Alex Ward, John Fryer (well known producer involved with several remarkable bands) and Stephen Thrower from Coil, band that could've directly indirectly influenced Ulver's first dabblings into electronic and experimental music. "They all play important parts on the album, their instant instincts perfectly aligned with Ulver's composed compassion. The familiar baroque menagerie of piano, wood and wind sit alongside the machines and the ghosts within", says Ulver on their official statement.

Read the full press release here. 
Check  the album review here. Updated!


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PS: I love this blog, keep up the good work. I found a lot of great bands because of you!

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