[2010] Antediluvian - Watcher's Reign

Sometimes it happens that a band in particular doesn't impress you at a first listen and you put it away, ignoring most of what it had to offer among the disagreeable parts. Lack of ear training, and even too much experience listening to music does that.
That's kind of what happened with me and this band at first, it disgusted me in a way that I had to put it off at the second song or something like that, which would seem rather strange considering I've listened to plenty of death and black metal in the past. But the thing is that this band is indeed disgusting, just not the way it seemed at a first listen; I gave it another try, focusing on the instrumentation and the way the vocals were delivered, and I heard something really interesting, the raw primal impetus, the living nightmare of the vocal delivery, and the merciless guitarwork, it was all there and I didn't notice it because of the way it all was presented, a single slab of furious prehistoric ramblings.
Direct nods could be made to a band like Portal, but the vocals are dirtier than The Curator's, and it's not hazy like in Outre, but rather disjointed, yet distinguishable enough to be told apart. Reminds me more of a local band from my country called Verminous, which had a similar delivery back in the 2000s, and it made the same impression on me, being completely clueless towards this genre back then.

Definitely a keeper, and worthy of several listens, when its real value gets truly unearthed.

Download it here: [V2][V0]

Buy it directly from Invictus Productions here.


eM!eL said...

Hehe I was sold at "But the thing is that this band is indeed disgusting", thinking "hey, that's what I like about Portal!". Their music makes me feel sick to my stomach and I can only respect them for it. So thanks, I need to check this out.

Hi, I'm new here. Just some dude, 30, dutch, who likes exploring teh intarnetz for interesting music. Always trying to broaden my musical horizon, even though the sonic darkness still reigns. And from what I've seen so far I might be right at home here on your blog. Also, your little introductions are quite helpful.

Oh, and that Joe Preston / Daniel Menche project is amazing. Thank you.

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