[2004] Nurse With Wound - Shipwreck Radio Volume One: Seven Sonic Structures From Utvær

This is the first post of the whole Nurse With Wound discography (or at least selected works) that I'm going to share in this blog. I'll group them on a single post in the future, most likely.

Here we have it, the album from which the blog takes its name, Shipwreck Radio Volume One: Seven Sonic Structures From Utvær. This album according to the linear notes, was part of a series of broadcasts made from the Artic Lofoten Islands (7 out of 24) which are located on the northern side of Norway. It sort of makes sense why it references Utvær seeing as the latter is located to the northwestern side of the country, so it was basically a pole-to-pole transmission. Now regarding the music, we have here one of the most interesting NWW works to date. Most of the songs, in the same way Spiral Insana closed every segment with a certain sound in crescendo, every segment of this 2xCD album begins with a short, distorted radio advertising which welcomes the listener to the lands of Utvær, in the most bizarre way Stapleton could craft. You can hear most of the sound collage that made the project popular, arranged in a very interesting way (some transitions are just incredible), and it all makes for a great, compelling listen. It's not what I'd recommend to a first listener, but it's certainly something that needs more attention.

Download it here: [320: Part 01 Part 02][V0]


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