[2009] Aluk Todolo - Finsternis

Formed by members of Diamatregon, Aluk Todolo is a strange beast. Mixing some of the occult, dark aesthetics of black metal with the krautrock present in Faust and This Heat to create a chaotic dense atmosphere  in which the only grounding element is the syncopated drumming and whirling feedback coming and going. Aside from that, it's hard to describe; this is one of these bands capable of creating a timeless sonic experience, making it easy to completely forget about how long (or short) it actually is. In some circles it's considered as "black metal" but in reality I see this more as an alternative for fans of bands like This Heat or Camberwell Now, constantly craving for similar sounding music, inspiring the best post-punk/krautrock ever created.
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Download it here: [V0] Updated!

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chris_c said...

thanks! great blog / great music. this is a classic

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