[2009] Nurse With Wound - Space Music

Latest proper NWW release (aside from some compilations made during last year), this one was commisioned by an observatory, the Melbourne Planetarium, for an anual series called Science in The Dark (more info about it here). Apparently, 2009 was a year for drone/dark ambient music (here's the pdf file of that year's edition, check it out), and Nurse With Wound delivered what I can only consider as a frigtening void from deep space. It has violent parts, in which you can almost imagine asteroids crashing against a spaceship, while it drifts away further from the galaxy. It's really unnerving at some points, it's a way to experience the cold void of the space at home. Seriously recommended.
(Also, supposedly it has "subliminal effects". Beware.)

Download it here: [V0]


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