Welcome to Utvær!

Finally, after many, many months of not using blogs nor writing any new stuff, I've finally decided to start over, I was kind of missing the old habit. So anyway, welcome, future readers. I might run this blog by myself, but I don't discard the possibility of having one or two collaborators. I don't like having to take care of a lot of people at once, and seeing as the subjects being dealt with in this blog are more of a personal choice than anything else, I'm not expecting a big crew. I'll try to post at least twice a week, a good bulk of updates along with upcoming shows and reviews, if I ever get lazy, drop me a message via last.fm.
Also, if you noticed the small blurb to the right, I'll be taking requests on the genres I've loosely specified, mostly rare stuff you can't find anywhere easily. I started doing it to fight boredom years ago, but I realized I'm good at it and people looked forward to my findings, I'll focus on that.

So that's it, a short introductory post, hope you like the content. Oh, and I apologize beforehand for the lengthy posts you might see around here, I can't help myself sometimes.