[2009] Nurse With Wound - The Surveillance Lounge

Almost 15 years after Homotopy to Marie, Nurse With Wound releases a very similar album, almost starting from scratch. This album features a lot of recognizable brass elements, along with some severely frightening segments that can be likened (or even surpassed) to Homotopy to Marie, making it too inaccessible for continuous listens. A true box of secrets, it's harsh, scary and layered, like few of the same vein. It's difficult to tell the motifs behind this album, specially if we take the cover into consideration. It sort of reminds me of Albert Camus... But maybe that's just me. One of my 2009 favorites, that's for sure.

Download it here: [V0: Part 01 Part 02]


Mark Logan said...

Please remove the download links to this track.

Mark Logan
Jnana Records

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