[1977] This Heat - Made Available: John Peel Sessions (2006 Reissue)

The uniqueness of This Heat, the way only John Peel would've recorded it. Can't say much of the difference between this one and the previous 1977 release, but I can assure you This Heat never sounded this heavy. Every song in this live sesssion sounds as if they were being churned up by a big, merciless crawling machine, crushing everything on its way, breathing every 20 seconds before assaulting the listener over and over again. No other album is able to mix that violent delivery with softer, almost self-mocking melodies that change the mood minute after minute. Special mention goes for Makeshift Swahili, this version of the song is easily better than both the s/t and Deceit. Meant for extended, high volume listenings.

Download it here: [320][V0]

Buy it directly from Recommended Records here (Special Box Set).


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