[2010] Larsen & Nurse With Wound - Erroneous: A Selection Of Errors

Now this is a very weird Nurse With Wound collab, and while that might sound strange considering it's Stapleton the one I'm talking about here after all, this is, for the most part, a post-rock release, thanks to Larsen (post-rock band from Italy, which has a long career and some other collabs floating around). It starts out the same way one would expect of a NWW release, a noisy intro followed by an electronic krautrock sound reminiscent of Amon Düül at times, focusing a lot on Fritz Muller's vocals, then it switches to an ambient track, courtesy of both Larsen and Nurse With Wound and which sounds similar to Salt Marie Celeste at some points. Then a somewhat dark post-rock section breaks out and that's where the strangeness begins: the whole album shifts mood and seamlessly turns into a peaceful, uplifting post-rock album. Post-rock fans might find this interesting, though it probably won't be up to the expectations of a regular Nurse With Wound fan, seeing as it doesn't have the same amount of manipulation one would assume from a collab of this nature. Still is a great release and I believe it deserves special attention.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Important Records here.


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