[1994] 'O'Rang - Herd of Instinct

Very rarely I get obsessed with a particular artist or band's discography. Usually I download an album in specific and explore it here and there if I end up liking it (I'm not the kind of person that just gets one album and stays there, critically acclaimed albums shouldn't be considered the only relevant material of a band), but in rare cases I end up liking them so much that I get their whole back catalog, and listen to it for weeks nonstop. This is the case with 'O'Rang, a side-project of Lee Harris and Paul Webb of Talk Talk (which released albums at the same time, even), in which the new wave, jazzy post-rock vibe of the latter is almost completely lost or unheard, instead replaced with tribal drumming, field recordings, african melodies and warm vocals, delivering a nice atmosphere full of rich sounds, never repeating itself, and constantly bringing the listener into a world of weird sensations. An unregrettable experience, recommended to those looking for something radically different to what they're used to.

There's no available copies on the original label they originally came from (Echo).

Download it here: [320][V0]

Available ONLY as used copies on Amazon.


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