[2005] Ginnungagap - Remeindre

Composed completely with acoustic indian instruments, Remeindre is an atypical piece of art made by one of the most famous experimental musicians of the time, Stephen O'Malley. Surrounded by the tambura drone and the peaceful plucked guitar, O'Malley creates a timeless aura not unlike many other indian classical albums, but applying the subtle heaviness that characterizes his other works. Aided by Alexander Tucker (in some instrumentation and cover art), this Ginnungagap release is radically different in approach to any of his other works (even including other releases within the project), so this is a must-have for those who are interested in knowing about an unheard of side of this musician.

Download it here: [V1 (original release)]

Available ONLY as a digital download on Southern Records.


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