[1997] Stereolab & Nurse With Wound - Simple Headphone Mind

Stereolab's krautrock influences and Nurse With Wound's sound collages and manipulation  find a common ground in this underappreciated collaboration called Simple Headphone Mind. At Stereolab's motorik beats, Stapleton & Co. added warped vocals (Sadier's) and all sorts of crazy noises, along with a heavy load of bass, turning what originally was an upbeat song into a rumbling, unpredictable composition full of layers that weren't even present in the original arrangement. The motorik-fueled beat that serves as a base for this collab is actually an instrumental Stereolab song called The Long Hair of Death, which is later featured in the 2xCD compilation called Aluminum Tunes. Simply unique.

Download it here: [320][V0]


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