[2008] The (Fallen) Black Deer - Requiem

Josh Graham (from Neurosis, A Storm of Light and associated acts) and Greg Burns joined forces together for this Latitudes release, in which they used their creativity and skill for what they consider to be an "alternative soundtrack for The Shining". Dark ambient tracks with hints of menacing post-rock are the main elements that comprise this 25min album, in which you can almost feel the aura of uneasiness that characterizes the famous horror movie.Quiet at times, it delivers a lush of emotions on the next minutes, retaining the listener's attention for as long as the album lasts. Perhaps the only flaw is how short it is, and how it falls flat compared to their associated acts, but seeing as its focus is to be an entirely ambient album, it serves its purpose.

Download it here: [V0]

Buy it directly from Southern Records here.


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This shit sounds good.

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