[2002] M.A.L. - The Song of The Stars

I stumbled upon this album on Soulseek a few weeks ago, while looking for songs related precisely to stars. I was baffled when I discovered that the band behind the music, a belgian collective whose recordings go back to the 70's, was signed to EE Tapes, in which Bene Gesserit (a favorite of mine) is signed as well. This little fact caught my attention, and I'm glad I explored it further: the music in this album is amazing. Inspired in the 70's german krautrock, the psychedelic rock present in this album makes you drift away with every song, with the most blissful tunes I've heard for an album of this nature. It reminds me at times of Hash Jar Tempo, except that in The Song of The Stars is less layered, focusing more in dynamics than anything else. There's indeed a spacey feeling, typical of krautrock, but used in a different way.
While this was released on 2002, it actually forms part of a series of recordings made between 1971 and 1974.

Download it here: [192][V0]

Buy it directly from EE Tapes. Contact them here for more info.
Buy or ask directly to the band here.


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